Oh Hi
Oh Hi
One Humble Hope for Insight

Oh Hi is about counter culture in The Swamp commonly referred to as Palmerston North. It represents a group of good people working towards the same ideals and goals.

The word One in One Humble Hope for Insight is representative of everyone being equal and in this together.

Together we can learn from like-minded people who are open to ideas regardless of medium or genre. People involved with Oh Hi share similar values and lifestyles.

Oh Hi is about recognising the relationships between creative minds in Palmerston North, in hope that this can inspire and nourish others.

Oh Hi © 2016. Unless otherwise noted, artists featured in Oh Hi retain copyright to their work. Oh Hi will be pleased to correct any mistakes or omissions - just let us know. Submissions are welcome. 


ACRONYM for One Humble Hope for Insight.

EST. in Palmerston North by Jemma Cheer in 2009.